Curatorium of the Chair

The procedure for the appointment of a candidate to the Prince Claus Chair is carried out by the Curatorium of the Chair. The Curatorium consists of the following people:

  • Professor Bert Koenders (chair), Professor by special appointment of Peace, Law and Security at Leiden University;
  • Professor Joyeeta Gupta (vice-chair), Professor of Environment and Development in the Global South, University of Amsterdam;
  • Professor Henk Kummeling (member), Rector Magnificus, Utrecht University;
  • Professor Inge Hutter (member), Rector of the Institute of Social Studies.

Mrs Rianne Giethoorn, LLM is Secretary to the Curatorium. 

Contact details

Photo of the Curatorium in 2022.
First row: Inge Hutter, Joyeeta Gupta
Second row: Henk Kummeling, Rianne Giethoorn, Bert Koenders