Appointment Amina Mama

Appointment Prof. Amina Mama

September 2003 

The 2003/4 holder of the Prince Claus Chair in Development and Equity is Professor Amina Mama (Nigeria/South-Africa). The Curatorium of the Chair nominated Professor Mama with regard to her academic contribution in the area of culture and development in Africa, a field which reflects a major interest of Prince Claus. Professor Mama will reside at the ISS, The Hague, from mid April to mid July 2004.

Professor Mama (1958, Nigeria) is Chair of Gender Studies and Director of the African Gender Institute at at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. She holds a Doctorate in organizational psychology from the University of London. She provides intellectual leadership to a research programme aimed at strengthening gender studies for Africa’s transformation. She has done research on a wide variety of development subjects, including race, gender politics and analysis, development strategies and organizational development, migration and conflict. She has a broad experience in teaching as well as in advisory positions at various African and European-based international institutions.

From 1989-91 she has been Lecturer in the Women and Development MA Programme at the ISS. She is the author of several books and articles. Professor Mama will focus on the field of culture and development during her stay at the ISS in (April – July) 2004. She will deliver her Inaugural Address by the end of April 2004 at the ISS.Professor Mama’s C.V. and a list of her publications can be found on

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