Chairholder 2006- 2007: Nasira Jabeen

Professor Nasira Jabeen

In September 2006 professor Nasira Jabeen was appointed to the Prince Claus Chair by Utrecht University for the period 2006/2007.

Summary Curriculum Vitae: Nasira Jabeen

  • Professor Nasira Jabeen received an MPA (Master of Public Administration) from the University of the Punjab in Pakistan and from the University of Southern California, USA. She holds a PhD from Stirling University, Scotland.
  • Professor Nabeen is Program Coordinator of the Masters and Bachelors Programs of the Institute of Administrative Sciences, University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan. Other positions she holds at the University are Member of the Doctoral Program Committee, Board Member of the Faculty of Economics & Management Sciences and Member of the Board of Studies in Administrative Sciences.
  • Nasira Jabeen has acted as consultant to a number of international organizations, including the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and the World Bank.
  • Professor Jabeen is a Member of the Advisory Board of the AWAZ Citizen Development Centre (NGO). The AWAZ Foundation for Education works with children aged 10-15 to improve the quality of their education and to help them write their own stories, and assists teachers in strengthening their commitment, knowledge and skills. Nasira Jabeen is also involved in the Philanthropy in Pakistan Project, a research project conducted in collaboration with the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia.

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Inaugural Address of professor Nasira Jabeen, 2 April 2007

Professor Nasira Jabeen has given her inaugural address on April 2, 2007. 

Download the inaugural address of professor Nasira Jabeen (PDF file, 225 kb)

Nasira Jabeen appointed to Prince Claus Chair 2006-2007

September 2006

On the recommendation of the Curatorium of the Prince Claus Chair in Development and Equity, the Executive Board of Utrecht University has appointed Professor Nasira Jabeen holder of the Chair for 2006 – 2007. Coming from a Pakistani background, Professor Jabeen will focus her teaching and research on the possibilities and constraints of Good Governance as a concept in the world of development. The Prince Claus Chair is a rotating chair in the field of development cooperation and was established by Utrecht University and the Institute of Social Studies. Professor Jabeen will deliver her inaugural lecture on 2 April 2007 at the Academy Building.
Good Governance has fast become a central concept in efforts to bolster the quality of governance in developing countries. The concept here relates to the analysis of the broad meaning of ‘Governance’, which is about creating transparency and accountability in the operations of government and private and public (liaison) organisations.
Professor Nasira Jabeen (1959) is attached to the Institute of Administrative Science, University of the Punjab, Lahore – Pakistan. She has authored publications in different areas including Administrative Science and Human Resources as well as on the issue of the position of women in Pakistan. Her analyses provide a convincing synthesis showing the influence of government on national culture. At Utrecht, Professor Jabeen will be based at the Utrecht of School of Governance of the Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance. She will deliver her professorial inaugural lecture on 2 April 2007 at the Utrecht Academy Building. 
The Curatorium of the Prince Claus Chair is chaired by Princess Máxima. The Chair, which is held on an annual, rotating basis by outstanding young graduates from Africa, Asia, Latin-America, the Caribbean or the Pacific, alternates between Utrecht University and the Institute of Social Studies. The aim of the Chair is to advance teaching and research in the field of development cooperation, in line with the views and ideas of Prince Claus. Previous chair holders were Professor Rema Hammami (Palestinian), Professor Gaspar Rivera Salgado (Mexico), Professor Mansoob Murshed (Bangladesh) and Professor Amina Mama (Nigeria/South Africa).